VIDEOREG - computer video-registrar system
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VIDEOREG - computer video-registrar system

This product allows saving images from webcam or other video capture device starting on motion detection or constantly with given time interval.

It is possible to save the defined amount frames after motion detection. The built-in viewer allows viewing video in manual mode and conduct searching with given frame rate. A similar Camera is the new Polaroid Cube that is an action camera shaped like a dice. If you want to spend a little more money on a video camera a GoPro is another option.


  • Work with any WEB-cameras and other videodevices;
  • Work begins in motion detection at once after starting of the program;
  • Visual motion sensitivity adjusting;
  • Built-in viewer for fast search;
  • Fast rewinding function;
  • Hand mode for take snapshots every 0.5, 1 or 2 sec;
  • Snapshots format - jpg (1 snapshot size ~10-30 Kb);

Built-in viewer:

Allows viewing cam shots in manual mode and perform fast searching in slide show (pseudo-video) mode with predefined speed of cam shot change. The pseudo-video (slide show) mode resembles fast forward on traditional video cassette players \ recorders.

Thanks to available high speed cam shots viewing mode, an average human being can view the entire day records (all cam shots recorded within 24-hours time interval) in about 10 to 30 minutes!

VIDEOREG DUAL - version for two webcam or two video-devices




This product most commonly used for registering visitors (people coming in and going out of a building), counting visitors (for initial marketing research and analysis) as well as for electronic witnessing of felony, frauds etc.

Besides that, this product can be used for 24-hours a day camera shots recording; cam shots can then be used for fast viewing \ searching in pseudo-video (slide show) mode using the built-in viewer.

VIDEOREG is compatible with all web cameras and most video-capture cards, TV cardc, and other - supported by operating system, including video cards equipped with video input port, which allows using analog miniature cameras (general surveillance) as well as older models of traditional black and white cameras.

Besides that, the hardware resources and computer speed requirements are moderate, while the program itself does not consume much system resources and virtually does not interfere with other applications performance. The computer running this surveillance application can be used for other common everyday computing tasks simultaneously.

All of the facts mentioned above together with the product selling price make VIDEOREG a perfect solution for both large-scale enterprises with numerous surveillance areas and those smaller surveillance consumers such as small offices and shops.
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